Vitamin D ☀️ Where and Why?⁠

Vitamin D is often referred to as the sunshine vitamin and for good reason. We get at least 90% of our requirements from the sun.⁠

❔I know that getting less than 10% of what you need from food doesn’t sound like a lot to worry about, but Vitamin D deficiency can significantly impact your fertility and health.⁠

❔Vitamin D is important for many things including bone health, immune function, egg health for fertility, and potentially reducing the risk of eczema and allergies in your baby.⁠

Sources of Vitamin D include⁠
☀️ Sunshine⁠
🍄 Sunbathed Mushrooms – put your mushrooms in a sunny spot for at least an hour
🐟 Salmon, Sardines, Trout, and Tuna⁠
🥚Egg yolks⁠
🥛 Fortified products such as Milk and Cereals⁠

Getting your Vitamin D checked is as simple as getting a blood test with your GP.⁠

Do you want help to increase the Vitamin D you are getting in your diet? Get in touch to make an appointment.